On Going Projects

How can India Become a Superpower
To have a new vision of the future, it has always first been necessary to have a new vision of the past. So now let us have a new vision of India’s past – past of three millennia before we take a vision of India’s future. Vedic age of Indian history can be said to be the age of heroic childhood full of chivalrous chastity.

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North East India Model Development
North East India consists of eight states of India is one of the poorest region in India. The region is infamous for many issues including lack of infrastructure, lack of transport and communication, political turmoil, economics crisis, insurgency problems. The Centre for Political Strategy is formulating a model development for North East India. This is a on going project under CPS.

Narendra Modi Recent Visits

Recently, Prime Minister of India visited Victoria, Seychelles onindexMarch 10-11, 2015, Port Louis, Mauritius on March 11-13, 2015 and Colombo, Jafna, Sri Lanka on March 13-14, 2015.

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